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Magazine creation tips: launching successfully



How do you launch a magazine?

Creating a magazine is obviously complicated, but the conception is only one part of the story. After having invested time, energy and money into your project it’s natural to have high hopes for the launch. Here are some tips that should help make your magazine launch a success.

Finding your niche

To stand out from the crowd and create your own identity as a magazine it’s imperative to offer original content that’s targeting a specific audience. How are you different from the other magazines out there? The idea is to become a privileged means of communication between advertisers and your audience. Which communities are not being addressed? If you target a group of people successfully, they will identify with your magazine and you will gain credibility with ad placers.

Proving your circulation

In order to function, most publications rely on revenue from advertising. Convincing marketers that your magazine is a good place for their ads can be a little complicated as you need to demonstrate the reach of your publication. You can do this by collecting email addresses and using other tools to measure user activity. It’s good to know the number of actual subscribers and to have an estimate of the total reach (a magazine can be shared and read by many different people).

Digital Presence

A lot has changed in the magazine world. Digital is now so important that many publishers are cancelling their print versions altogether. On the good side, the internet offers many new opportunities for people who want to share their articles and other content. Develop your online presence by having your own site, blogging, and using social media. Create platforms to foster community among your readers and interact with them. This will make it easier to have them participate in your magazine and for you to collect their feedback.

Don’t hesitate to share your magazine creation tips with us!

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