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Madmagz’s selection : Aloko, a mag promoting the African culture


Aloko Magazine Editors - MadmagzMadmagz is a big fan of Aloko magazine and we thought it would be a pity to keep it for ourselves! Why? Because, it’s so unique ! Aloko is a mag created with passion by an international team whose mission is to promote all the jewels of the African culture across the globe, especially in Hong Kong !


Promoting African culture

As a response to the current global trend, especially in Hong Kong, Aloko mag’s editors created a magazine to promote the African culture, through a range of disciplines, across the five continents.

Aloko mag’s international team, originating from France, Japan, Hong Kong and Africa, has taken up the mission to embark its readers on a trip to explore this wonderful culture.

Aloko Magazine has just published its 7th edition

Every month, Aloko publish news about « the jewels of the worldwide Afro culture »: food, fashion, travel, music, photography…This 7th edition is full of precious news as usual, including a presentation of NenOÏ ethnic textile creations for babies…

Photo NeNOI ethnic textile creations

…an introduction to French pianist, composer, arranger, and musical director Christophe Chassol

French musical director Christophe Chassol

…and a special recipe to cook plantain bananas. Yummy!

Plantain bananas

 Just check it out by yourself! Enjoy!

A mag created with Madmagz.

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