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Madmagz’s ambition: to reinvent the mag industry!


Madmagz redesigned its identity and assumes itself as an activist company, with a new far-reaching ambition : to reinvent the magazine industry !

Giving new momentum to the mag industry

Madmagz redesigned its identity and expressed its new ambition : to reinvent the magazine industry! Amid economic crisis and digital revolution, the magazine industry is going through a severe crisis. Yet, everybody loves, creates and reads magazines. Madmagz believes in this media more than ever as magazines are “modern, luxurious and popular”. It also assumes itself as an activist company, committed to defending publishers!

All publishers!

Today, Madmagz claims its ambition to reinvent the magazine industry  by allowing any communities – organisations, families, companies, job seekers, schools or fans – to become publishers and successfully tell their stories.

Madmagz’s promise to its publishers : to be successful !

Madmagz made a promise to its publishers : lead them to success. It has no doubts about it: magazines are the best media to achieve this goal. And for Madmagz, success means creating beautiful and fascinating magazines, reaching the largest audience possible and receiving compensation matching your talent.

Madmagz gives itself the means to meet its a:mbitions!

Recognised as an innovative company, Madmagz adapts to the evolution of the industry and gives itself the means to realise its ambitions by offering high quality magazine models, for free or at a very competitive price, that can be delivered in a timely manner. Aware of the specificities of the sector, it also offers the opportunity publishers  to sell their production and to make collaborative magazines.

Have a look at our best magazines here!

Madmagz is recruiting:

To honour its commitments, Madmagz needs you and invites you to come aboard ! Come and join us!

Madmagz recruitment page EN

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